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Appaman has a unique Scandinavian perspective on Ameripop iconic imagery. The designs are inspired by the streets of Brooklyn and translated into the ever changing palette of vibrant and beautifully constructed garments.

Appaman, Reef Shorts in Grey and Deep Cobalt
Appaman, Coastal Print Shorts in Island Life
Appaman, Coastal Birds Shorts in Grey
Appaman, Speedway Slub Hoodie in Grey
Appaman, Baja Hooded Pullover in Cobalt Multi Stripe
Appaman, Harvey Shirt in Black Birdseye
Appaman, Harvey Shirt in Orange/Blue Plaid
Appaman, Fish Bones Graphic T-Shirt in Light Grey Heather
Appaman, Lion Graphic T-Shirt in Deep Cobalt
Appaman, Beach Ride Graphic T-Shirt in Fog
Appaman, Hockey Slub Jersey T-Shirt in Deep Cobalt
Appaman, Surfer's Paradise T-Shirt in Artisan Gold and Island Turquoise
Appaman, Echelon Jacket in Blue
Appaman, Rambler Jacket in Black
Appaman, Stripe Pullover Sweatshirt in Grey
Appaman, Seaside Spectra Plaid Shorts
Appaman, Skinny Twill Pants in Vintage Black
Appaman, Skinny Twill Pants in Racing Red
Appaman, Parker Sweats in Grey
Appaman, Brighton Terry Shorts in Vintage Black and Imperial Blue
Appaman, Shazam Bike T-Shirt in Deep Cobalt
Appaman, Ready, Set, Go! T-Shirt in Cloud Heather
Appaman, Street Racer T-Shirt in Light Grey Heather
Appaman, Short Sleeve Rash Guard in Black
Appaman, Stripes Swim Trunks
Appaman, Whale of a Tail T-Shirt in Cloud Heather
Appaman, Blackbeard T-Shirt in Heather Mist
Appaman, Pirate Logo Rash Guard in Green
Appaman, L/S Shades Rash Guard in Blue
Appaman, Shark Blocks Swim Trunks in Grey
Appaman, Hawaiian Swim Trunks in Blue
Appaman, Checkered Print Hybrid Shorts in French Blue
Appaman, Stripe Hybrid Shorts in Slate
Appaman, Velvet Blazer in Black
Appaman, Seaport Velvet 2-Piece Mod Suit in Blue
Appaman, Maroon Velvet 2-Piece Mod Suit in Red
Appaman, Houndsooth Bow Tie in Red
Appaman, Dover Sweater in Grey
Appaman, Skinny Cords in Black
Appaman, AJ Pant in Blue
Appaman, Velvet Tuxedo Pants in Black
Appaman, Morningside Anorak Jacket in Blue
Appaman, Pratt Down Parka in Black
Appaman, Turnstile Convertible Jacket in Black
Appaman, Wool District Coat in Blue
Appaman, Midtown Moto Jacket in Brown
Appaman, Half Zip Knit Hoodie in Black & White
Appaman, Voyager Jacket in Blue
Appaman, Classic Mock Neck Cardigan in Orange
Appaman, LS Cityscape Graphic T-Shirt in Charcoal Grey
Appaman, LS Baseball Henley T-Shirt in Blue
Appaman, LS Graphic Cassettes T-Shirt in Black
Appaman, LS Skater Penguin T-Shirt in Red
Appaman, Sweatpants in Red or Blue
Appaman, Parker Sweats in Black & White
Appaman, Skinny Twill Pants in Blue
Appaman, Harvey Shirt in Red Check
Appaman, Gator Rock Tee in Orange Soda
Appaman, Brighton Shorts in Methyl Blue
Appaman, Harvey Shirt with Brighton Shorts
Appaman, Walsh Slub Polo in Cloud Dancer
Appaman, Pirate Bully Tee in Cloud Heather
Appaman, Seaside Shorts in Eclipse Check
Appaman, Logo Rash Guard in White
Appaman, Sharks Swim Trunks in Total Eclipse
Appaman, 2-Piece Mod Suit in Light Blue
Appaman, 2-Piece Mod Suit in Empire Plaid
Appaman, Green Plaid Bow Tie
Appaman, Walsh Polo with Seaside Shorts
Appaman, Logo Rash Guard with Sharks Swim Trunks
Appaman, 2-Piece Mod Suit in Light Blue with Green Plaid Bow Tie
Appaman, 2-Piece Mod Suit in Empire Plaid with Green Plaid Bow Tie
Appaman, 2-Piece Mod Suit in Teal Velvet
Appaman, 2-Piece Mod Suit in Greign Plaid
Appaman, Purple Velvet Blazer
Appaman, Mini Professor Blazer in Houndstooth
Appaman, Fair Isle Sweater in Galaxy
Appaman, Pilot Jacket in Galaxy
Appaman, Puffy Coat in Cordovan Camo
Appaman, Commuter Down Coat in Navy Blue
Appaman, Hockey Jersey in Ink Blue
Appaman, Puma Tee in Galaxy Heather
Appaman, Houston French Terry Henley in Grey Stripe
Appaman, AJ Pant in Galaxy Heather or Ink Blue
Appaman, Skinny Cords in Cordovan
Appaman, Straight Leg Denim in Black
Appaman, Green Check Bow Tie
Appaman, 2-Piece Mod Suit in Herringbone Navy
Appaman, Half Zip Hoodie in Strong Blue
Appaman, Sherpa Zip Hoodie in Galaxy
Appaman, Kent Sweater Jacket in Galaxy
Appaman, East Side Puff Vest in Strong Blue Plaid
Appaman, M1 Jacket in Forest Night
Appaman, Montana Jacket in Black
Appaman, Empire Coat in Black
Appaman, Spray Bernard Tee in Light Grey Heather
Appaman, Blue Plaid Flannel Shirt
Appaman, Bushwick Pant in Gingerbread
Appaman, Bushwick Pant in Brown Plaid
Appaman, Gym Sweats in Galaxy Heather or Strong Blue
Appaman, Spray Bernard Tee with Gym Sweats in Strong Blue
Appaman, Blue Plaid Flannel Shirt with Bushwick Pant
Appaman, Houston Henley with Skinny Cords
Appaman, Hockey Jersey with AJ Pant
Appaman, Puma Tee with Straight Leg Denim
Appaman, Curved Slub Henley in Indigo (c)
Appaman, Bull Tee in Washed Red (c)
Appaman, Mod Suit in Desert (c)
Appaman, Stripe Slub Henley in Washed Red (c)
Appaman, Reversible Shorts in Pineapple (c)
Appaman, Railroad (Not) Board Shorts (c)
Appaman, Hawaiian (Not) Board Shorts in Chambray (c)
Appaman, Logo Rashguard in Black (c)
Appaman, Logo Rashguard in Bottle Blue (c)
Appaman, Curved Slub Henley with Island Blue Bright Shorts
Appaman, Bull Tee with Heather Brighton Shorts
Appaman, Maison Polo with Hawaiian (Not) Board Shorts
Appaman, Stripe Slub Henley with Railroad (Not) Board Shorts
Appaman, Black Logo Rashguard with Riis Triangles Swim Trunks
Appaman, Bottle Blue Logo Rashguard with Riis Pineapple Swim Trunks
Appaman, Allen Down Puffer in Camouflage (c)
Appaman, Peacoat in Black (c)
Appaman, Bowery Coat in Navy Blue (c)
Appaman, Hockey Jersey in Reef, Mist or Oak Leaf (c)
Appaman, Reverse Stripe Henley in Heather Galaxy (c)
Appaman, Football Cardigan in Galaxy (c)
Appaman, Dogs Tee in Galaxy (c)
Appaman, Prospect Pants in Alligator (c)
Appaman, Skinny Twill Pants in Reef (c)
Appaman, Carpenter Cords in Galaxy (c)

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