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Inspired by and named after the childhood companion of its founder and designer, Appaman reflects the whimsical spirit. 6 mo to 8 yrs.

Appaman, Allen Down Puffer in Camouflage (c)
Appaman, Allen Down Puffer in Vintage Black
Appaman, Flight Jacket in Ranger Green
Appaman, Fisherman Sweater in Pacific Blue
Appaman, Peacoat in Black
Appaman, Bowery Coat in Navy Blue
Appaman, Mod Suit in Velvet Maroon
Appaman, DJ Cap in Galaxy Combo
Appaman, Hockey Jersey in Reef, Mist or Oak Leaf (c)
Appaman, Reverse Stripe Henley in Heather Galaxy (c)
Appaman, Monkey Tee in Black
Appaman, Slalom Sweat Pants in Heather Black
Appaman, Reverse Stripe Henley with Slalom Sweats
Appaman, Route 2 Jacket in Black
Appaman, Crosby Sweater in Galaxy
Appaman, Football Cardigan in Galaxy
Appaman, Dogs Tee in Galaxy
Appaman, Baseball Henley in Vintage Black (c)
Appaman, Prospect Pants in Alligator
Appaman, Skinny Twill Pants in Reef (c)
Appaman, Prospect Pants in Camouflage
Appaman, Gym Sweat Pants in Heather Galaxy, Maroon or Vintage Black
Appaman, The Standard Shirt in Red Check
Appaman, Green Plaid Neck Tie (c)
Appaman, Tailored Vest in Printed Velvet
Appaman, Mod Suit in Black
Appaman, Mod Suit in Shark
Appaman, Black Mod Suit with Bow Tie and Velvet Vest
Appaman, Shark Mod Suit with Green Plaid Neck Tie
Appaman, Dogs Tee with Alligator Prospect Pants
Appaman, Crosby Sweater with Reef Skinny Twill Pants
Appaman, The Standard Shirt with Vest and Bow Tie
Appaman, Boombox Tee in Vintage Black (c)
Appaman, Statue of Liberty Tee in Concrete (c)
Appaman, Logo Hockey Jersey in Galaxy and Heather Grey (c)
Appaman, Punk Shorts in Vintage Black (c)
Appaman, Boombox Tee with Pacific Blue Brighton Shorts
Appaman, Statue of Liberty Tee with Punk Shorts
Appaman, Heather Grey Hockey Jersey with Camp Shorts
Appaman, Galaxy Hockey Jersey with Railroad Brighton Shorts
Appaman, Riis Swim Trunks in Pacific Blue (c)
Appaman, Pirate Monkey Tee in Hot Lava (c)
Appaman, Stanton Pull On Shorts in Heather Grey (c)
Appaman, Gingham (Not) Board Shorts (c)
Appaman, Logo Rashguard with Riis Swim Trunks
Appaman, Tiger Tee with Stanton Shorts
Appaman, Hockey Jersey in Fire Brick or Pacific Blue (c)
Appaman, Carpenter Cords in Galaxy (c)
Appaman, Slalom Sweat Pants in Black, Pacific Blue or Vintage Black (c)
Appaman, The Standard Shirt in Blue (c)
Appaman, Route 1 Zip Jacket in Black (c)
Appaman, Hooded Henley in Pacific Blue (c)
Appaman, Baseball Henley in Vintage Black or Snow (c)
Appaman, Black Track Suit Set (c)
Appaman, Prospect Pants in Black or Galaxy (c)
Appaman, Punk Shorts in Khaki (c)
Appaman, Skinny Twill Pants in Galaxy (c)
Appaman, Slalom Sweat Pants in Black or Marine (c)
Appaman, Strike Tee in Rust Red (c)
Appaman, Dark Vintage Black Parka (c)
Appaman, Plaid Muscle Hat (c)

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