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Sale and Clearance - Newborn & Infant (0 - 24 mo)

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Kic Kee Pants, River Stripe Coverall (c)
Rowdy Sprout, The Who Tommy Tee in Yellow (c)
Joah Love, Pierce Collar Tee in Beach (c)
Gasbag, Argyle Polo in White (c)
Gasbag, Denim Shorts (c)
Gasbag, Skull Tee in Black (c)
City Threads, Super Hero Lightning Loungewear Set (c)
Appaman, Rashguard in Midnight
Munster, Swiper Fleece Romper in Neon Orange (c)
Pluto, Little Bro Tee in Neon Blue (c)
Nano, Octopus Slub Ringer Tee in Navy (c)
Gnu by Lemon Loves Lime, Z For Zebra Romper in Canal Blue (c)
Kapital K, Trouble Tee in Blue Heather (c)
Fore!!, Poncho Stripe Shorts (c)
Coccoli, Mocha Dots Vintage Unionsuit (c)
Coccoli, Blue Stripe Vintage Romper (c)
Coccoli, Lime/Navy Salt Water Taffy Romper (c)
Coccoli, Summer by the Sea Romper (c)
Trunk, Batman & Robin The Dynamic Duo Tee in Atlantic (c)
Sweet Peanut, Colour Crayon Organic Long Peanut Suits (c)
Sweet Peanut, Tally Ho Bus Organic Long Peanut Suits (c)
Sweet Peanut, Quack Organic Long Peanut Suits (c)
Sweet Peanut, Extra News Organic Long Peanut Suits (c)
Rowdy Sprout, Nirvana Tee in Off White (c)
Quiksilver, Tuk Tuk Hooded Tee in Burgundy (c)
Nano, Plane Stripe Tee in Lake (c)
Nano, Go Kart 2fer Slub Polo in Silver (c)
Nano, Thermal Henley in Flame (c)
Nano, Bike 2fer Polo in Night (c)
Me in Mind/Neon Eaters, Ninja Beanie in Black (c)
Me in Mind/Neon Eaters, Pirate Beanie in Red (c)
Black Tuxedo Coat, Vest and Pants Set with Bow Tie and Shirt (c)
Fouger, Black Pinstripe Suit Jacket with Vest, Pants, Shirt and Tie (c)
Fouger, Chocolate Pinstripe Vest Suit and Pants with Shirt and Tie (c)
Fouger, Kyle Necktie (c)
Fouger, Bradley Necktie (c)
Fouger, Darren Necktie (c)
Fouger, George Necktie (c)
Kic Kee Pants, Rooster Coverall in Pond (c)
Kic Kee Pants, Running Labs Coverall in Pond (c)
Kic Kee Pants, Meadow Cow Coverall (c)
Joah Love, Brody Star Sleeve 2fer in Lake (c)
4 Funky Flavours, Further Away Stripe Polo (c)
4 Funky Flavours, Behind Blue Eyes Buttoned Shirt (c)
4 Funky Flavours, Only The Ocean Polo (c)
4 Funky Flavours, From Blue To Green Shorts (c)
Quiksilver, Car Pool Fleece Pants in Anthracite or Dress Blue (c)
Gasbag, Skull Tee in Black (c)
4 Funky Flavours, All Day Long Knit Pants (c)
4 Funky Flavours, The Longer I Run Knit Pants (c)
4 Funky Flavours, A Strange Arrangement Buttoned Shirt (c)
4 Funky Flavours, When I Go Out Jacket (c)
4 Funky Flavours, I'll Get Along Tee (c)
Fore!!, Nordic Print Polo (c)
Fore!!, Aztec Print Tee in Grey/Granite (c)
Fore!!, Nordic Print Polo Romper (c)
Fore!!, 16-Wale Corduroy Pants in Mud (c)
Fore!!, Houndstooth Flannel Pants (c)
Fore!!, Check with Chambray Buttoned Shirt (c)
City Threads, Waffle Time 2fer in Denim Blue (c)
City Threads, Thermal Tee in Charcoal, True Blue or Orange (c)
City Threads, ABC 2fer in Bright Blue (c)
City Threads, Solar System 2fer in Black (c)
City Threads, Bolts Explosion 2fer in Elf Green (c)
City Threads, Dark Navy Jersey Pocket Pants (c)
City Threads, Spider Web Drop 2fer in Red (c)
City Threads, Charcoal Thermal Pants with Bright Blue Stitch (c)
City Threads, Motorcycle 2fer in Red (c)
City Threads, Baseball Stadium 2fer in Orange (c)
Kic Kee Pants, Solid Pants in Twilight, Bark or Black (c)
4 Funky Flavours, Lead The Crowd Polo (c)
4 Funky Flavours, Real Good Looking Boy Buttoned Shirt (c)
Me in Mind/Neon Eaters, Super Hero Beanie in Blue (c)
Me in Mind/Neon Eaters, Bandit Beanie in Grey (c)
Nano, Side Pocket Pull On Knit Pants in Navy (c)
Nano, Crane Stripe Tee in Black (c)
Kicky Pants, Stone Lattice Polo (c)
Kicky Pants, Harvest Stripe Pajama Set (c)
4 Funky Flavours, Square One Coverall (c)
Fore!!, Reversible Double Plaid Hooded Shirt (c)
City Threads, World's Messiest Eater 2fer in Bright Blue (c)
City Threads, Demolition 2fer in Elf (c)
Appaman, Slalom Sweat Pants in Black or Marine (c)
Jannuzzi, Suspender Tee in Light Blue (c)
Zutano, Mandarin Cozie Fleece Jacket
Zutano, Pool Solid Hat (c)
Zutano, Navy Solid Hat (c)
Zutano, Construction Coverall in Chocolate
Zutano, Pagoda 5 Stripes Coverall
Zutano, What A Zoo Hat in White (c)
Zutano, Orange Solid Hat (c)
Zutano, Periwinkle Solid Hat (c)
Coccoli, Stars on Ice Color Block Unionsuit (c)
Coccoli, Avocados and Cherries Indigo Stripe Unionsuit (c)
Coccoli, Avocados and Cherries Indigo Stars Unionsuit (c)
Coccoli, Plum Pudding Unionsuit (c)
Bit'z Kids, Reversible Buttoned Shirt in Orange Plaid and Blue Stripe (c)
Margery Ellen, Crazy Monsters Romper (c)
Margery Ellen, Zoo Romper (c)
4 Funky Flavours, All Blues Button Shirt (c)
Nano, Dinosaur Vintage Stripe Tee in Tomato (c)
Sweet Peanut, Barrel of Elephants Organic Long Peanut Suit (c)
Sweet Peanut, Balloon Safari Organic Long Peanut Suit (c)
Sweet Peanut, Adventure Stripe Organic Short Peanut Suit (c)
Petit Lem, City Sweater (c)
Petit Lem, British Corduroy Pant in Light Brown (c)
Petit Lem, College Club Cargo Corduroy Pant in Black (c)
Wry Baby, Super Bad Snapsuit with Cape (c)
Fore!!, Slash Skull Plaid Polo in Sunset (c)
Trunk, The Police Wrapped Around Your Finger Tee in Ivory (c)
Trunk, Superman Super Peace Tee in Raven (c)
Topo Ranch, Lightning Tee in Sail Blue (c)
Thingamajiggies 4 Kids, Dinos PJ Set (c)
Quiksilver, Checkers Tee in Athletic Heather (c)
Quiksilver, Zebra Juice Tee in Segal Blue (c)
Kic Kee Pants, Twilight Popcorn Tee (c)
Zutano, T-Rex Tee
Zutano, Dinos Coverall
Quiksilver, Rest Stop Fleece Pants in Black or Navy (c)
Quiksilver, Sgt Simian 2fer in Black (c)
Trunk, Superman Unchained Tee in Azure (c)
Trunk, Batman Sunset Hooded Tee in Raven (c)
Trunk, Marvin The Martian Very Angry Tee in Sprig (c)
Siaomimi, Blue Combo Stripe Henley in Brown (c)
Siaomimi, Fox Tee in Pine Stripe (c)
Petit Lem, Cozy Orange vest (c)
Nano, Chopper Stripe 2fer in Chocolate Chip (c)
Nano, Monster Truck Slub 2fer in Shadow (c)
Nano, Ticking Stripe Knit Cargo Pant in Shadow (c)
Appaman, Puffy Hooded Vest in Marine Plaid (c)
Topo Ranch, Geo Speaker Organic Tee in Deep Grey (c)
Blueberry Hill, Pumpkin Knit Hat (c)
Blueberry Hill, Max Sock Monkey Knit Hat (c)
4 Funky Flavours, Sore Brown Eye Pants (c)
4 Funky Flavours, Wear and Tear Zip Fleece Jacket (c)
Tea Collection, Sejong Dragon Pants in Lichen (c)
Kicky Pants, Twilight Plaid PJ (c)
E.L. Boys by Eliane et Lena, San Jose Stripe Shirt in Blue (c)
Imagine, Monkey Business Tee (c)
Nano, Water Plaid Swim Shorts (c)
Nano, Surf Cars Rashguard in Orange Flame (c)
Tea Collection, Kendang Polo in Indigo (c)
City Threads, Super Hero Lightning Swim Shorts in Red (c)
Hiho Batik, Spider Tee in Black (c)
Ooh La La Mama, Wave Searcher Tee (c)
Zutano, O'Reilly Check Long Sleeve Screen Tee in Moss
Zutano, Piccadilly Cars Coverall in Cream
Petit Lem, City Stripe Polo (c)
Kicky Pants, Twilight Dots Polo Shirt (c)
Little Traveler, Monaco Tee in White and Red (c)
Knuckleheads, Oswego Knit Beanie with Ear Flaps (c)
Kicky Pants, Twilight Dots Polo Shirt (c)
Hiho Batik, #17 Soccer Short Sleeve Tee in Grey (c)
Zutano, Sputnik Pant in Chambray (c)
Paul Frank Luxe, Knights of Rock Short Sleeve Bodysuit in Heather Grey (c)

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